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Wackit Ball

How It Works

  • Hitter takes a normal swing and does not start with the bat on the line
  • Line drive forces the hitter to carry their hands in a high strong position throughout the swing.
  • It requires the hitter to have square hands at impact.
  • Forces the hitter to have a long bat through the ball. This creates important muscle memory for a proper swing.
Other Features
  • Custom-made off-centered half bat is designed to be able to hit the ball above or below the 1/2 way point on the ball even though the ball is on the line. 
  • Statistics show that 80% of all missed pitches are swung on below the ball. None of that here. Line keeps the bat from going below the ball.
  • Every pitch can be delivered at a different speed to varying areas of the strike zone.
  • Useful for batting practice on game day.
  • Easy setup allows the game to be portable and be able take it on the go. 


A combination hitting and pitching station that allows you to hit a pitch every 6 seconds at speeds up to 100 MPH equivalence for distance. What makes Wackit Baseball/Softball so special is the controlled flight of the ball going back on the line and the off-centered 1/2 bat which fits most coaching philosophies can hit above and below centerline of the ball. No more chasing of lose balls. In order to simulate realistic pitching scenario, set up cable at a 10% down slope from the pitcher to the batter for baseball. ALL ACTION!

Ball slides back and forth on the cable set up about waist high. Can be set up between two poles, two trees or a pole and a tree; indoor or outdoor. The ball is struck by the wackit and slides down the cable to the opponent. Can be played single or double handed.


  1. Rally for serve
  2. Service changes only when player loses a point.
  3. Game is played to 6 points.
  4. A set is played to best of 7 games
  5. Object of game is to get the ball past the opposing player or stopped on the opponents side of the line. Line is separated by a marked midspot. Once line is set up, measure the total playable line and find the midspot which can be marked with anything on the ground
  6. If the ball stops on the opponents side of the line before it is hit, server gets the point.
  7. The Wackit can not be left on the line at any time during a game. if opponent leaves wackit on the line, loss of point.
  8. Service may be hit as hard as desired. GO FOR AN ACE!
  9. Ball may only be hit once on each side of the line
  10. If playing with 4 players and 2 on each side of the line, only one player may hit the ball on each team or side.


Clean line as needed with hot soapy water. Before playing lubricate line by spraying with any ordinary aerosol cooking spray. While playing if you notice the ball traveling at slower than normal speeds, stop and lubricate the line as described above. Don't forget to wipe off excess oil.